"We are happy to present to you a excellent selection of registered Morgan horses available for purchase. We truly offer some of our best family show, sport, breeding, cattle working and family trailriding horses. It is of utmost importance to us to match buyers with the horse that suits their individual needs. Horses on this page are either owned by Prairie Hill or our customers. Let us know what you are searching for."

     "Transportation of Morgans sold off this list is available (thru us) to local & interstate areas. If we are unable to deliver, we can refer you to reputable horse shippers. We can also ship or arrange shipping to a USDA quarantine facility in Texas for international export.  Feel free to inquire. We do cover coggins tests, health papers, brand inspection and transfer of registration papers on horses that we own.  Terms possible with down payment & signed sales agreement."

*Registered Morgans sold to Annika Bootsman of Sweden (fall 2013)!
9/10/13: NEDPOINT
 Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
USDA Quarantine Facility
L to R:  Prairie Hill Parthenon, Designer Blues, Susan Motter & Cabot Femme Fatale.
*Prairie Hill Parthenon, Designer Blues & Cabot Femme Fatale being loaded into their KLM flight to Ambsterdam!

   "Our farm is located just 1 hour & 40 minutes west and north of Fargo, North Dakota. Major airline flights and car rentals are available through Hector International Airport in Fargo."

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Romeo  6/23/19

(Prairie Hill Armani x Burns Creek Misty)
*black     *foaled 4/28/19     *foundation
*color genetics:  aa/EE (homozygous black)

     This is simply an exquisite colt with outstanding conformation PLUS a lovable, willing disposition. He is a fancy one, potentially top caliber west. pleasure/western dressage/trail prospect. A superb future performance colt for show, sport, ranch work and/or trailriding.

     This youngster was well planned & takes us full circle, as close as we can possibly get back, to Prairie Hill's original bloodlines from the early 80ties. His treasured, old pedigree carries: T-Bone Bimbo, Archie O, Shadow Hawk, King Royal, Oak Acres Flame, Honor, Tutor, UVM Enchantor. He is stallion caliber, available to a long term program wanting to preserve his classic type & lines, plus train & enjoy him as a performance horse. Weaned on 9/8/19. Handled since birth. Serious inquiries invited.

PRICE:  $5,500 (as a stallion prospect, discount for gelding)

Parents of Prairie Hill Romeo:
sire:  Prairie Hill Armanidam:  Burns Creek Misty

Prairie Hill ArmaniOld Ways BimbeauT-Bone BimboRhythm's Bimbo
Kings Fancy Duchess
Sweets Jada BabeSweets Jet Hawk
T-Bone Cards Fancy
Ebony EchoBarbeejays DeseoBarbeejays Arajanado
Heart's Desire
Dancing DixeyDakota Blaze Bomb
Oak Acre's Flame
Burns Creek MistyMortana CedricMortana ChinookSenatefield
Flashy Kate
Mortana FletaDomino Joe
Mortana Rosealeeta
Oak Acres BridgetHonorTrimph's Leader
Oak Acre's TresseyUVM Enchantor
Polly's Melodate

* Click to see extended pedigree of:  PRAIRIE HILL ROMEO

Prairie Hill Phoenix

(FCR Magic Act x Ortawn Sweet-Az-Bonnie)
*chestnut     *foaled 5/27/19     *foundation
*color genetics:  aA/ee 

     What an adorable, outgoing colt this youngster is. Very well muscled, four-cornered & typey youngster. A superior future performance horse potentially for western dressage, reining, ranch horse, trail in the show ring & future lifetime partner for trailriding, cattle work, pulling a sleigh or carriage. He is bred for versatility. Handled since birth. Offered as a stallion prospect or can geld.

     This is a well planned youngster, carrying the respected old Morgan lines of: T-Bone Bimbo, Archie O, Princess Cloud, Classy's Pride, Justin Knox, Merry Ethan, Merry Knox, Bonito Hawk. He is stallion caliber, available to a long term program wanting to preserve his classic type & lines, plus train & enjoy him as a performance horse. .

PRICE:  $4,500 (as a stallion prospect, discount for gelding)
Parents of Prairie Hill Phoenix:
sire:  FCR Magic Actdam:  Ortawn Sweet-Az-Bonnie

FCR Magic ActBFM SWT Chuckanut JubileeSweet's BaybarryT-Bone Bimbo
Sweet's B Bomb
Sweet's Sweet MabelSweet's Dexter
Sweet's Dixie Daisy
Mist Chief MistaraMist Chief Dream HawkFunquest Red Chief
Princess CloudSweet's Jet Hawk
Yenah Now
Ortawn Sweet-Az-BonnieSweets DexterT-Bone BimboRhythm's Bimbo
King's Fancy Duchess
T-Bone Fella DellaT-Bone Classy Fella
King's Fancy Duchess
Babe's Razz-A-Ma-Taz KidCaduceus IsaiahJustin Knox
Laura Knox
Jenny Babe FDJimmy Ethan Walker
Kitten Babe FCD

*Click to see extended pedigree for:  Prairie Hill Phoenix


FCR Lily

FCR LILY     AMHA #0192154
BFM SWT Chuckanut Jubilee x FCR RB Pride)
*bay     *foaled 2015     *foundation

     Beautiful bay foundation mare. Lily is a smaller (14h), extremely typy & balanced mare. She came to us needing more ground work, wants to be curious & friendly. Lily enjoys a pasture setting more than the barn, would be best in a pasture bred setting. Would thrive with someone who can put the time into more training with her.

     Lily has an exception old, western pedigree. If you seek to preserve the old, foundation lines - you know these lines are hard to find available. Her pedigree is a treasurechest of some golden oldies in Morgan bloodlines: T-Bone Bimbo, Sweets Dexter, WAR Justin, Western Mansfield, & also going back to Senator Graham & Flyhawk. Inquiries invited on this very special filly.

PRICE:  $2,000
Parents of FCR Lily:
Sire:  BFM SWT Chuckanut JubileeDam:  FCR RB Pride

BFM SWT Chuckanut JubileeSweets BaybarryT Bone BimboRhythm's Bimbo
Kings Fancy Duchess
Sweet's B BombSweet's Classy Boy
Rhythm's Joy
Sweets Sweet MabelSweets DexterT-Bone Bimbo
T-Bone Fella Della
Sweet's Dixie DaisySweets Classy Boy
Sweets Dixie Donna
FCR RB PrideWAR JustinWestern MansfieldJody Ace of Spades
Miranda Brady
Funquest PukancyPukwana
Flyhawks Fancy
Sweets RB RoseanneSweets Classy BoyClassys Pride
Princess Pam
Sweets Indian RoseClassys Pride
R B Anne

*Click to see extended pedigree for: FCR Lily 


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Hay For Sale: 

Quality Round Alfalfa Bales For Sale!



Quality Round Square Alfalfa Bales For Sale!
     UPDATE September 2019: We have 2 semi loads (30 round bales each load) for sale, $65/bale. Our hay crop is all put up with the need of horse quality hay in mind (excellent hay also for cattle, sheep & goats). Our rounds bales weigh approximately 1200 lbs and are netwrapped for better transport. Moisture content & weight are measured on the rounds as they are baled. We can load them, buyers must provide transport. Phone, text or email for more detailed information. Inquire about reserving your bales. 

Inquiries invited:  (701)789-1048

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