"We are happy to present to you a excellent selection of registered Morgan horses available for purchase. We truly offer some of our best family show, sport, breeding, cattle working and family trailriding horses. It is of utmost importance to us to match buyers with the horse that suits their individual needs. Horses on this page are either owned by Prairie Hill or our customers. Let us know what you are searching for."

     "Transportation of Morgans sold off this list is available (thru us) to local & interstate areas. If we are unable to deliver, we can refer you to reputable horse shippers. We can also ship or arrange shipping to a USDA quarantine facility in Texas for international export.  Feel free to inquire. We do cover coggins tests, health papers, brand inspection and transfer of registration papers on horses that we own.  Terms possible with down payment & signed sales agreement."

*Registered Morgans sold to Annika Bootsman of Sweden (fall 2013)!
9/10/13: NEDPOINT
 Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
USDA Quarantine Facility
L to R:  Prairie Hill Parthenon, Designer Blues, Susan Motter & Cabot Femme Fatale.
*Prairie Hill Parthenon, Designer Blues & Cabot Femme Fatale being loaded into their KLM flight to Ambsterdam!

   "Our farm is located just 1 hour & 40 minutes west and north of Fargo, North Dakota. Major airline flights and car rentals are available through Hector International Airport in Fargo."

NEW!!  Hay/Tack/Equipment For Sale - click here.


CONGRATULATIONS to Nathan L Miller (R & N Morgans) of Fredericksburg, Ohio of the purchase of this outstanding young stallion! Nathan has wisely chosen Cass, rich in old Morgan ranching lines, to cross with his Grunden Ranch bred Morgan mares. 


(Flyhawk Dude x WAR Talawind)
*homozygous black     *foaled 5/19/15     *foundation

     You don't often see old lines up close like this colt's anymore plus he is homozygous for black. Cass is an outstanding performance prospect for western pleasure, reinng, western pleasure and/or western dressage mount. This guy has a great set of legs & hooves under him, wide chest & hindquarter. He is built to last & is simply a gorgeous stallion & performance prospect.

Flyhawk DudeBarbeejays DeseoBarbeejays ArajanadoGays Cinco De Mayo
Midnight Black Joy
Heart's DesireShadow Hawk
Miss Holliday
Dancing DixeyDakota Blaze BombKing Royal
Deseada Linley
Oak Acre's FlameHonor
Dakota Nellie
WAR TalawindWAR TaladanRimlo Black TalentRimlo Knight Hawk
Rimlo Black Suzette
WAR DandalenaCedarcrest Dynamic
WAR Indy Penny
WAR Prairie WindWAR Omega BirdWestern Mansfield
Bird S Sentney
WAR JustinaCedarcrest Dynamic
Funquest Pukancy

* Click to see:  extended pedigree for Prairie Hill Casanova.

 Prairie Hill Zorro   10/17
(pictured in his winter fuzzies)

(Flyhawk Dude x Burns Creek Misty)
* homozygous black     *foaled 4/18/17    * foundation

This is yet another gorgeous foal by Flyhawk Dude, out of our treasured Oak Acres Tressey granddaughter, Burns Creek Misty. He is so balanced, PLUS homozozygous for the black gene. Handled since birth, leads, ties, been ponied, also had 1st trimming. We can see him wearing a silver western saddle someday, reining prospect, wonderful western dressage, ranch horse prospect too. Could also be your future lifelong trailriding friend. Should mature in the 14.3+ - 15h height range. He carries some outstanding, old midwestern lines including the versatile Oak Acres bloodlines in both the top & bottom of his pedigree. Excellent stallion prospect. We would not be selling him if he were a filly. *SEE HIM AT THE 2018 MINNESOTA HORSE EXPO on April 27th - 29th!

*Click to see Zorro's photos & fall 2017 video clips:
Prairie Hill Zorro - photos & fall 2017 video clips

PRICE:  $3,500 (as a stallion), $3,000 gelded
Reference photos:
Sire:  Flyhawk DudeDam: Burns Creek Misty

Flyhawk DudeBarbeejays DeseoBarbeejays ArajanadoGays Cinco De Mayo
Midnight Black Joy
Heart's DesireShadow Hawk
Miss Holliday
Dancing DixeyDakota Blaze BombKing Royal
Deseada Linsley
Oak Acre's FlameHonor
Dakota Nellie
Burns Creek MistyMortana CedricMortana ChinookSenatefield
Flashy Kate
Mortana FletaDomino Jo
Mortana Rosealeta
Oak Acres BridgetHonorTriumph's Leader
Oak Acre's TresseyUVM Enchantor
Polly's Melodate

* Click to see:  extended pedigree for Prairie Hill 2017 Black Colt.

CONGRATULATIONS to Wallace & Susan Dow (Summerwood Farm) of Spirit Lake, Idaho on their purchase of this royally bred & very handsome colt for their future stallion prospect. 


(Quantum Midnight Magic x Fortunes Meadowlark)
*bay     *foaled 5/18/17     * foundation

 A beautiful, bay colt by our sr stallion & Funquest bred mare. He is such a sweet, full-bodied & balanced guy.  An outstanding future western pl., dressage & trailriding prospect - a wonderful western dressage & carriage prospect too. Sheridan carries some superb old midwestern lines & is linebred to Flyhawk. 

Quantum Midnight MagicWindhover RegencyBeamingtonMr Breezy Cobra
Ellen Bar
The Black RoseFlyhawk
Fannys Dark LadyScamp O HaraKing O Hara
Correll Willowfield
Lady FanilynArchie Ashbrook O
Kilgoran Fantasi
Fortunes MeadowlarkDoves AironMr Breezy CobraThe Airacobra
Jenney Lake
Azurewood High TimeShine On
Funquest BobolinkFunquest TalstarFunquest Falcon
Star of Cornwall
Flyhawk's FancyFlyhawk
Allan's Fancy L

*Click to see:  extended pedigree for 2017 Prairie Hill Bay Colt.


* check back in the spring of 2018 after we start foaling.


Ruby 6/4/17

Ruby 6/3/17

CONGRATULATIONS to Patricia Robison & family of Gladwin, Michigan on their purchase of incredibly well bred & lovely, young Morgan filly. May you have a lifetime of wonderful memories together.

    AMHA #0191060
(Old Ways Bimbeau x Fortune's Antoinette)
*flaxen/chestnut     *foaled 4/27/16     *foundation

very lovely 2016 flaxen ch. filly is one of the last 2 foals sired by the late splash Morgan stallion, Old Ways Bimbeau, and out of our beautiful black Funquest bred mare, Fortunes Antoinette. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to obtain a Bimbeau daughter with a rare source of Sweets and Funquest lines. Ruby represents a rare opportunity to obtain some very old bloodlines, up close, in a very lovely package of classical Morgan type.  

     Ruby is a very correct, full-bodied girl with a beautiful head. You can also surely see the Funquest in her! We have haltered and handled her since birth. Ruby has the potential to become a very successful western dressage & trail horse at the national level, as well as an enjoyable trailriding mount & treasured broodmare.  

* Click to see:  extended pedigree for Prairie Hill Ruby.


Fortunes Fiero  6/9/17
Kay & Chloe Sanders

Kandi Klassic Show 5/17

CONGRATULATIONS to Kay & Chloe Sanders of Nebraska City, Nebraska on their purchase of this amazingly talented & beautiful, young Morgan performance gelding. Fiero & the Sanders will be under the direction/instruction of Kate Rawlingson of Lincoln, NEB. You are getting a good one! We will miss you Fiero and wish all of you a very successful future in all that you do together. Our hats off to Fiero's breeders, Jerry & Peggy Hatfield (Fortune Morgans of Valley Center, Kansas) for producing Fiero & countless other beautiful & talented Morgan horses over the yrs.

    AMHA # 184453
(Funquest Roadmaster x Fortunes Juliette)
* flaxen/chestnut   * foaled 5/4/11   * foundation

     This is a very rare offering of an outstanding up & coming Morgan performace gelding. It was not an easy decision to offer this beautiful guy for sale, he is our daughter's pride n joy. Due to Megan's college commitments over the next 3 yrs, Fiero is available to only the best loving/lifetime home.
 *Fiero has completed the Spring 2017 training/showing class at the University of Minnesota-Crookston. He was schooled both western & hunt seat. Excellent equitation prospect.

* Click to see Fiero ridden hunt seat at UMC college on 3/26/17:
Fortunes Fiero riding hunt seat at UMC (3/26/17).

* Click to see Fiero ridden western at UMC college on 4/18/17:
Fortunes Fiero riding western at UMC (4/18/17).

* Click to see:  extended pedigree for Fortunes Fiero

Prairie Hill Prophecy 4/28/17

Prophecy (below) - 8/17/17

CONGRATULATIONS to Cindy Nord of Blythewood, South Carolina on her purchase of this athletic youngster as her future Morgan reining prospect, a colorful one at that! Prophecy will reside with Josette Kain Performance Horses in Kutztown, Pennsyvania under Josette's direction. Watch for this exciting new team over the next couple yrs!

    AMHA # 189174
(FCR Magic Act x Babes Razz-A-Ma-Taz Kid)
* chestnut/splash white    * foaled July 26, 2014    * foundation
color genetics test results:  e/e, A/A, n/SW1   

This beautiful 3 yr. chestnut/splash gelding is an eyecatcher in the Morgan world. Only a handful of foundation Morgans carry the rare splashed white overo color gene. Prophecy is a class act, loves people and attention. Could eventually make a beautiful western pl. competitor, or the best looking horse in parades and out on the trails. He has been handled since birth and has traveled to the Minnesota Horse Expo as well as the North Dakota State Fair. Currently schooling over obstacles & basic 3 gaits. He is ready to further his education. A fun training project for this fall & winter will have you a very nice riding horse for next year. Such a smooth horse to ride. He had his teeth floated this past spring, had annual vaccinations & a has a current coggins test.
* Click to see Prophecy's ground work & basic riding video from 8/17/17:
Prairie Hill Prophecy (ground work/basic riding video 8/17/17).

* Click to see Prophecy in freeplay 5/17 & the MN Horse Expo 4/17:
Prairie Hill Prophecy (freeplay 4/6/17 & MN Horse Expo 4/28 - 30, '17)

* Click to see the extended pedigree for:  Prairie Hill Prophecy

Hay/Tack/Horse Equipment


Quality Round & Square Alfalfa Bales For Sale!



Quality Round & Square Alfalfa Bales For Sale!
   UPDATE Monday 11/26/17: Beautiful 3rd cutting alfalfa round & square bales available ($80//rounds, $8/squares). Beautiful 2nd cutting alfalfa (w/some grass) small squares available . NO RAIN ON THIS HAY WHILE IT WAS DOWN!  2nd cutting squares are $7/bale, rounds/$70, $5/bale grass squares. This is really some beautiful horse cattle & sheep hay! Round bales will weigh approximately 1200 lbs and are netwrapped for better transport. Moisture content & weight are measured as they are baled. All will be put up as horse quality hay. We can load them, buyers must provide transport. Phone, text or email for more detailed information. 

Inquiries invited:  (701)789-1048

(701)789-1048 (cell)     home ph: (701)797-3508 (leave message)




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